Monday, May 21, 2018

Darth v Knight

There are many ways a Jedi can tap into the Force.  Some ways come easily to one Jedi while difficult for another.
There is no wrong way to access the Force as long as you remain balance. When taking on the title of Jedi this access, however, is vital as to the type of Jedi you will become.  It will determine if you are a Knight or a Darth.  It reflects the name that you will receive.
A Knight draws on the light.  The Force comes to them more easily.  Some Knights seem to glow through the Force naturally, always smiling, and enjoys helping others.
It’s a Knight’s first instinct to draw from the light when confronted with a situation.  They allow the light to guide them, as well as others, and find their solution in total light.

A Darth draws on the darkside of the Force.  Through their dark nature they are able to release the darkness within before it consumes themselves or others.
It is a Darth’s first instinct to open up the darkness before coming back to balance and serving the Force as needed.
There is should be no shame in whether you choose to be a Darth or a Knight.  Both a Darth and a Knight enjoy the same things in who they are and what makes them the type of Jedi they are.
Some are artistic, putting ink to paper, creating beautiful masterpieces of expression, through music, words, or actual works of art.
Some are empathic, able to feel the emotions of others, through the Force, able to form some sort of bond with another.
Remember, regardless of which title you choose, you are always, first and foremost, a Jedi.  You have chosen to help, protect, and enlighten others to the best of your abilities.  You are willing to sacrifice and suffer so others do not have to.  You are a servant of the Force.

Master Darth Vam `Ronin