Monday, February 5, 2018

I Believe

I believe.  Two small words that when put together are very powerful.  Wars have been fought, countless lives lost, families destroyed, because of those two small words, I believe.

As Jedi, not everyone will believe the things that we believe.  Others may laugh and mock our beliefs but is that mockery worth raising arms against another?  Not at all.

A being’s beliefs are very personal and only they can know why they truly believe what they believe.  Our jobs as Jedi is to be tolerate of another’s beliefs and understanding of their emotions.  After all, we desire the same when it comes to our beliefs.

No matter someone’s belief, we must all co-exist and must not take personal any disagreements when someone says, “I believe,” because the words that are to follow will be filled with some sort of passion.

Even in the Jedi Order there are disagreements on what it means to be a Jedi, and some who see the Gray as blasphemous, even though we all started out with the same beliefs.

This is what I believe…

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  1. I will like you to contact me, im looking forward to know more about the grey jedi. My discord name is Joseph V B.#0198