Monday, January 23, 2017

Life of a Gray Jedi

The universe can be cold and cruel.  It can give and give generously, or it can take and take plentifully.  As a Knight of the Gray Order the universe is your Master, teaching and guiding you to do what it wants, not what you want.
As a Sith, we will want to control the universe, and may be able to do so for a while, but only as the universe allows.  As a Jedi, we know the universe will humble us when it feels it is needed.  There are reminders given to us, letting us know, who really is in change.
We must live our life, above all else, this is the most important lesson the universe can teach us.  We must live.
Life was given to us and at some point it will be taken from us.  What we do between those two vital moments is how we live.  Do not let the fact that your life will end stop you from living that life, truly living.
If you are to love, love with passion.
If you are to befriend someone, show tenderness and mercy when needed, firm and fairness when called for, but above all else, loyalty without question.
Life is what the universe deems it to be but that does not mean we do not have a say in it.  Go out, have an adventure, help someone in need, defend someone who can not do so themselves, roar with laughter, and live.


  1. Love it. I assume you're a Master Gray Jedi? Or do you not believe in such titles? or just that you have a groovier ranking? uh... like Ambassador, or Mcdaddy? Greetings, Call me Kiiro. Pleased to meet ur webpage.

    1. P.S. I'm a serious Gray Jedi Knight. I think I've recently half-converted from Freethinking as my official religion.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I do consider myself to be a Master Gray Jedi.

  3. Yo! I want to be knighted as one. My former Master didn't reply to my messages around Facebook. can you Knight me?

  4. Contact me on Facebook and we can talk.

  5. Life was given to us and at some point it will be taken from us. What we do between those two vital moments is what builds our character and guides our Karma.