Monday, October 24, 2016

The Darkside

We all have a darkness within us.  We all pass through it as we are born into the light.  As we grow, we are told to suppress the darkness; that it must not exist.  This is a mistake.  We must acknowledge it, embrace it, or it will consume us and be our downfall.

For each of us the darkness is different.  “There is no good without evil but evil must not be allowed to flourish.”  Whatever your darkness, do not suppress but do not let it grow to the point you can no longer control it.

Without the darkness you can not live in the light, you can not appreciate the goodness that surrounds you.  Without pain you can not know love.  Without fear you can not know victory.  Without passion you can not know peace.  Without the madness of chaos you can not appreciate the order of the universe.

Beware those who speak out against the darkness with a fierce passion.  Passion is an emotion used to mask the darkness within.  The more passion used to condemn the Darkside, the more the darkness within will come to the surface, exploding.

We all have a darkness within us, embrace it, for it is who you are.

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