Sunday, September 11, 2016

One Jedi's View on Death

Life itself is one big trial.  From birth we are tested in ways we could never imagine possible and we endure until we are no longer able to endure.  In that moment we take our last breath and move away from this life.
No matter what you believe, when someone is lost, sadness wraps around us and darkness attempts to consume us.  It is okay to grieve, to allow yourself time to mourn, but allow this small amount of light to keep you from being swallowed up by the darkness, their trial is over, their suffering is no more.
While this may sound harsh, death is not something to be feared but instead something to embrace.  When our love one is gone, while we will feel the sting of their passing we should smile and be grateful that they are gone.
Yes we will miss them but we will can see them any time we wish, just close your eyes and they will appear.  We can talk with them and let them know how we are doing.  Death is not the end but a transition.
Remember, this view may not be a popular view but it can be a comforting one.

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