Tuesday, September 6, 2016


When I was a youngling my grandmother said these words to me as she made me carry something I didn't want to carry before heading to school.  As a result of this lesson there are a few things that can always be found on me or in my transport.
I will always have pen and paper; as a writer I may need to capture a fleeing thought.  A blade of some type; you never know when you will need to cut something, or someone.  Until a lightsaber is available I have to resort to primitive tools.  A hat and jacket of some kind; because the weather changes without warning.
This is one of the few lessons I can teach over and over and it will never dull.  It is true in all aspects of life.  Some will agree with the choices you make when carrying things on your person and some will look at you and ask, "Why?"  Take a deep breath, balance your energy, and respond, "Why not?"

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